The Style

Larps can test our self-imposed boundaries,
can carry out an attack on our comfort zones.
They represent acts of negotiation
because they address and question our shortcomings;
they besiege our strongholds.

Southern Way / New Italian Larp manifesto


1 6 3 0 is a game in the Southern way / New Italian Larp style.
It is a high-budget larp set in an exceptional location and with extremely historically accurate costumes and scenery.

1 6 3 0 is a game where each character can make a difference and be a vibrant part of the whole narrative. A 360-degree illusion inspired by the great atmospheres of the epics and by the heroic deeds of peoples throughout history, 1 6 3 0 tells a harsh yet intimate and human story based on historical facts that really happened in the 17th century. At its centre is a small, secluded village which becomes the crossroads of everyone’s destiny: you will have to make some painful and decisive choices when all your sins will find you out.
1 6 3 0 is about us: what we were, what we are and what we will be.



1 6 3 0 is based on the total immersion in the game and in the character. The game will have no breaks, and it will be a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience. The approach will be realistic and straightforward, without any regulations or safewords: the players’ sensitivity and the flow of the story will be our only guide.
The game will revolve around very powerful and sensitive themes, and players will have to manage through everyday hardships. Yet 1 6 3 0 is open and playable by anyone, as long as they’re willing to overcome their limits in order to build a really profound and collective story.

NO CUSTOMERS ALLOWED: Larp is not cinema, neither is it theatre. It is not a show you can watch sitting comfortably on your chair. 1 6 3 0 is designed for active players willing to play together and feed the game at all times. So be ready to interact with other players and live your story. Respond quickly to the stimuli and above all create some yourself.

JUST PLAY: 1 6 3 0 is not a “play to win” or a “play to lose” game: you just have to play honestly. Stick to your character and play it to the fullest. Let your emotions be your compass, follow your feelings and channel them into the play without thinking twice. Become your character.

PLAY AS ART: We believe that a larp is a powerful tool, an act of shared artistic creation.
In 1 6 3 0 we will explore themes that will permanently change our way of seeing the world. We will use the power of the game to ask us some fundamental questions.

Here you can find the full version of the Southern Way/New Italian Larp Manifesto.